Ophelia Timour Vandermeulen [Timour Leng]

My research on objectification and eroticization of women in contemporary æsthetics has led me to the phenomenon of the “sublimation of dead woman” in the arts of the Romantic period. Many illustrations have been æstheticized by the omnipresence of the male gaze on the inanimate body of a “heroine”; such was the case for certain representations of Ophelia’s death. Drowned in despair, Ophelia, first faced a psychosomatic death before sinking in the waves of troubled waters. An endless drowning, a torrent of darkness inoculated by emotions, swallowing all forms of reason in a hypnotic nothingness. This piece is the cry of an idealized death, a dissonant poetry taking shape in the darkness of a patriarchal consciousness that insidiously attributes existence through beauty.

Source: 2022

  • Year of composition: 2022
  • Genre: Acousmatics
  • Format: Fixed media
  • Hardware used: Hydrophone, plugiciels numériques
  • Software used: Cubase
  • Duration of the submitted work: 8:30

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