Roxanne Melissa Guerra-Lacasse [RuxaMelimelo]

Residence: Saint-Hubert, Canada

Born on the south of Montréal, Roxanne Melissa Guerra-Lacasse grew up in a cultural mix of Mexican, Italian and Québecois foods. People said she was the special one because she had her own vision of life. She began music at five years old, before that her dad and mother sang songs to her every night and day, and gave her the opportunity to play pans in the kitchen. She also took piano, voice, trombone and clarinet lessons, and more. She liked to play on the computer, especially musical games, and had the impression that she was good at it. She was doing a lot of sport too. She loves to improvise and also loves theatre and cooking. This arts lover studies vibrations today and is determined to start a revolution of ARTS.

Date: May 27, 2020

Source: JTTP 2020

Translation: RMGL — trilingual

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